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Clients FAQ
How does LynxPro work?
When you're looking to fill a position, you simply browse through the database of qualified candidates. You can do that any time, as often as you want, at no cost. When you find a profile that interests you, just let us know. We will contact the candidate and arrange the best time to put you both in touch.
What is the background of the candidates listed on the portal?
We have developed a reputation for working with only the most highly skilled professionals, working on cutting-edge technologies.
How many vacancies can I post?
As many as you have. If you don't find the exact match that you're looking for after browsing the pool of talents, you can advertise your job free of charge to attract more specific candidates. This will also give you visibility on our newsletter and social media channels, again at no extra cost.
What is the cost of the service?
When you find the right person to work with you, and we finalise the contracts with both parties, we will set a fee. This fee varies according to the position and daily rate, but you will find it very competitive.
Can I post contract/temp jobs only?
We do find that current market conditions mean we are mostly looking for contract and temp jobs at the moment. But we do also help with permanent positions, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have one.
Will I be able to interact with the candidate? How does the interview process work?
As the hirer, we will put you in contact with selected candidates and you are of course able to arrange an interview. In fact, for more specialised and highly qualified positions, it's probably advisable that you do so – but the choice is yours.
Can I select more than one candidate to talk to?
Yes, you can select as many candidates as you like. We will put you in contact with them, so you can continue with your selection process.
Can I post a role that is not tech-related?
The LynxPro portal focuses only on tech people and tech projects. But we do have experience and expertise in other fields, so please do contact us directly if you have non-tech vacancies, as we can often assist with finding candidates.
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Candidates FAQ
How does LynxPro work?
The short answer is - very simply. If you want to register as a candidate, just fill in your details and upload your CV. When a potential employer is interested in your profile, we put you two in contact. This service is, entirely free of charge to you.
What kind of roles are available on LynxPro?
We work with high level and specialised tech jobs, mostly on a contract basis. Data scientists, developers, engineers and software consultants appear typically in our vacancies. Some of the technologies and projects include Azure, Hadoop, .NET, VR, AI, IOT, C++, Java, SQL, R and Python, plus many more.
How long it may take for being contacted?
You will be immediately contacted to confirm your registration. To be contacted by an employer It will mostly depend on your skills and the companies demands.
Is LynxPro free?
Yes, it's entirely FREE for candidates.
Can I apply to be a candidate more than once?
You don't need to apply several times. But If you find you have anything new you'd like to add, such as new training, qualifications or new work experience, just log in and update your profile accordingly.
Is it possible to know which company is posting the job?
The job poster's details are kept confidential before contact is made. But we can assure you we work with only reputable, cutting-edge technologies, projects and companies.
Do I need to have my own company to apply for a contract job?
You don't need to have your own limited company to register your details and apply for contract vacancies. However, once you have secured a contract role you will either need to set up your own limited company or work under an umbrella scheme. We can give you some advice and suggestions on these, and both are straight-forward and quick to set-up.
How do I contact a company?
There's no need. Contact requests are made from the company to the candidates via the portal. If a company expresses interest in you, you can rest assured we will put you both in touch.
When my job/contract is over can I go straight to another one via LynxPro?
Yes. In fact, when you're free and available to start another project, we automatically recommend that you come back to see other positions that have opened.
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