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What to Look For in a Good Contractor



Tech contractors are in high demand today as companies look for the right fits to expand their digital tech base and meet tech needs. The growing pervasiveness and complexity of IT tech jobs render it easier to get IT contractors rather than hiring full-time employees.


Hiring the right IT contractor might seem like a daunting task. Especially because there are so many skills prevalent and highly regarded in the tech space, and an even greater number of individuals claiming to be gurus in those areas.


To make the right recruiting decision, look for the following in contractor prospects.




It matters a lot if your contractor has experience doing the kind of job and size of the job you have for them. Within the digital domain, a lot of things can go astray. And, you need the right talent to handle situations and bring them back to normal.


An experienced IT contractor will be able to foresee challenges and plan preventive measures. They will have worked in the field so much that they will ‘just know it’ when it’s right and when it’s not.


Previous experience with the same technology or software is also crucial so you can be confident hiring a contractor and not constantly wondering whether or not they are capable to hit the ground running.




Counting on experience is not enough. To know that the contractor you are interviewing is the right fit, you need to be sure of their expertise. Look for certifications and hands-on projects they have implemented and managed.


Notice if they fire up conversations about their experience with the latest tech, the lessons they have learned through time, and/or their passion for their work. This shows they are invested in their work.


If they have little to no experience, it helps to discover the learning curve they have been through. Allow some of your in-house IT employees to interview and interact with this contractor so that they can check their expertise on the subject matter.


If, however, they have relevant experience to show, explore a bit about their past clients and look at the testimonials or recommendations they have received for their work in the past.


Communication Skills


An IT contractor has to work as an extended arm of your in-house IT team. Without the right communication and interaction, a lot of things can go haywire. Look for a contractor who can establish and maintain the connection with your team and gel up like a colleague.


You don’t want any loopholes in your communication with them. Ensure they are 100% committed to keeping up continuous interaction throughout the project duration.




A reliable tech contractor will be proactive in asking questions, resolving issues, and taking the project from requirements to support. You don’t want your employees to be continuously checking in with a remote contractor on the status of work.


A proactive contractor can take off a lot of hassle from the project and function as an asset to the entire team. Proactiveness is evident when you have faced and solved a lot of challenges in previous projects.


While interviewing for a contractor position, ask prospects about the challenges they have encountered and how they set on resolving them.





The availability and commitment of a contractor towards your project objectives matter to the overall quality of work. You can gauge this simply by asking if they plan on taking simultaneous projects alongside yours.


If so, ask them how they plan on managing multiple commitments and if they have successfully done so in the past. Since remote contractors often have their work schedules all over the place, implore about their working hours and whether or not they would be flexible in changing work schedules according to your needs.





Your IT contractor should be respecting of your timelines. A lot is at stake when companies such as yours set on to implement a technology solution or offer a service. Make sure your contractor understands your dedication to deadlines and is intent on keeping them.


You don’t want a contractor who has the habit of messing with deadlines and excusing themselves each time.




If your contractor has their own way of doing things, it’s understandable. However, an ideal contractor should be sensitive to your organisational needs and open to tweaking things a little, when necessary.


It takes time and effort to accommodate into the workings of a business, but you should see them trying to deliver as per your needs. This can be a nitty-gritty to judge of them, and could tremendously impact your project.



Finding the ideal IT contractor can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you know what to look for, the process gets simpler.


If it still looks like a lot of hassle for you, use our recruitment specialists at LynxPro. We are an IT recruitment agency with a team of hiring pros who can spot the right talent for you and make sure they fit the expertise gap in your business.


Talk to one of our expert IT consultants today!


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