Great tech teams are not born, they are made


Programmers, data scientists and software engineers play a pivotal role in the development of new companies. They are all needed to ensure that a company and its product runs efficiently.
Companies are understanding that they will need more and more to embrace data and analytics and make them an essential part of their businesses. Of course, this will require hiring a team of data scientists, computer engineers, and software developers to be able to deal with the data and analytics for the company, suggest changes and build/develop solutions.
But in this era of the tech industry, assembling a technical team can be challenging, since talent is so difficult to find.
Selecting the right team can be challenging, mostly because these fields are so new, there are a lot of confusing info and predictions around. Many companies are still trying to understand exactly what a good data scientist or software developer should offer. Putting together a new team has the potential to be even more difficult.

Here some tips when hiring IT talent for your Tech team:

1- Mentorship
Having the right guidance and expertise of a mentor present, will open the doors to bigger ideas and better opportunities. If the company doesn’t have a CTO in house consider talking to experts, consultants, and get the right advice for your project

2- Network/Connections
Once you have your first 2 or 3 tech employees rely on them to suggest referrals. Referral scheme is one of the top Best practices for big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

3- Think about your own business
Each company and each project is different. And we believe most business will need a tailored solution. Understand what exactly is your need not being led by the buzz and fuzz is essential.

4- Don’t be afraid to hire people better than you
On the contrary! If you are considering cutting edge tech projects such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality… Chances are the IT people you need to hire will know much more about these topics than you. And that’s great! Keep stimulating the top talent. They are your best assets and the ones that can make a difference.

When you are creating a tech team, you do not want to rush and then regret for choosing the wrong type of people. There are a lot to consider. Experience, technical skills, project management ability, culture fit… So don’t be too anxious. Take your time to create the right team that will provide your company with the quality and results it needs.

Great tech teams are not born, they are made. And if you need help to make you team, talk to us.