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Five Digital CVs to Help You Find a Job You Want


With fierce market competition and businesses looking for niche skills, a well-done CV can be your chance to stand out. In order to capture the attention of your potential employer, you might need to impart creativity and uniqueness to your CV.

Even if you don’t realize it yet, the better you market yourself, the higher are your chances of landing a job. Being able to build a personal brand gives you an edge over others, competing for the same position when there are no skills gaps.

Before looking at some appealing CV examples, let’s explore a few tips that can get your CV noticed in a pile.


Pick a Focus

Define the purpose of your CV before you begin writing it. You might want to identify which job positions you would be willing to apply to, the specific set of skills they require, and the nature of businesses and their industry that are your ideal choice.

By doing this basic research, you will be able to make your CV laser-sharp toward one intended goal- appealing to the hiring managers in these specific niche companies.


Stay Professional

Creativity has its own limits when it comes to getting in front of ideal employers. Make sure you don’t overdo and seem too creative and casual on your CV. While it is a good idea for you to introduce a bit of personality into it, your CV should really reflect what it is for- in a business casual manner.


Use a Consistent Theme/Tone

CVs with a lot of colours and images appear distracting and amateurish. Keep your CV consistent for the tone you adopt throughout, the colours you use, and the kind of language you choose.

A consistent approach throughout the CV will make it more readable, likable, and attractive.

Know your Value Proposition and Communicate it

Every successful CV needs a value proposition- a mission statement that conveys your value to the employer in clear terms. This is the first impression that the employer forms about you. Showcasing your unique selling point can be your strategy to stand apart from the crowd and get distinguished.

Back-up with Numbers and Facts

Let’s say you are applying for the position of a Data Scientist. It makes sense for you to include hard facts and numbers about how many problems you have solved at your previous organizations and how you have helped them by churning data and extracting insights.

That said, let’s look at a few examples of CVs that have stood the test of time and proven effective.


Classic CV for an Email Marketing Manager


This CV prioritizes the professional summary, skills, qualifications, and experience of the candidate. This is an attractive template of choice because of its focus on what matters to the job.

This CV highlights that the candidate has the right skills to manage email marketing campaigns and possesses excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills. Make sure to back up your skills with examples of past work where relevant to add credibility and proof.


Video CV for a Translator/Interpreter with Experience in Aviation

Write on a chalkboard and create a video for a CV. This is a creative idea for someone applying for a creative job such as a designer or video editor or developer.

A video makes you stand out, allows you to look at more creative ways of getting your dream job, and conveys what you bring to the table rather uniquely.


Interview Video CV

A candidate made this video when they were looking for a job and realized a traditional resume might not help. The concept behind this video is to emulate what it would be like to sit in an interview and answer questions as they come.

As the job market gets more and more crowded, candidates need to find unique ways to reveal why they are a good fit for a particular position.


The Speaking CV

Another extremely unique resume where when you flip a document over, you discover a picture of the candidate with a QR code on their mouth. When you scan the QR code, a video pops up and the employer can listen to the candidate’s story, their experience, their skills, and everything they would traditionally find in a CV.

This could be a rather standout way to break the monotony of a recruiter’s day.


An E-commerce CV

In order to increase their chances of getting a job at their favourite e-commerce company, this candidate built an online store by using Shopify’s platform. But, instead of selling a product, they sold an interview with them for $0.

Exploring the depths and breadths of creativity can be the single option candidates have in today’s overly competitive landscape. In order to secure a chance at your ideal job position, your CV needs to reflect your values, skills, experience, background, and even aspirations with the new job.


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