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Bitcoin 2.0 blockchain

Blockchain 2.0, or the Directed Acyclic Graph

author Anton Gerasimov date June 27, 2019

We continue to have breaking news in the blockchain world. First of all, since our last post,  Facebook has made official its new cryptocurrency, Libra. Secondly, and possibly as a consequence of Libra’s introduction, Bitcoin has at the time of writing shot past USD 12,000, when in December 2018 the rate was hovering at around […]

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Why Bitcoin can be trusted

author Anton Gerasimov date June 6, 2019

 Bitcoin has recently re-appeared in the news, and with its rise from recent lows there will surely be much renewed interest in cryptocurrencies.  In fact, Facebook has been said to be working on its own cryptocurrency, potentially enabling payments via Whatsapp. How convenient that would be. Despite the extent of the coverage, people commonly wonder […]

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