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5 Jobs You’ll Want to Apply for in IoT


A recent survey found that demand for IoT talent has gone up by 300 percent in the last three years, and more and more companies are looking for experts who can help them leverage the connectedness it promises. If you are considering shifting to an IoT-based role, this blog post will tell you about the most exciting job opportunities and the skills you need to land them.

5 Exciting Internet of Things Job Opportunities

IoT brings along many possibilities and has created sectors in the economy, as well as given birth to new jobs. Here are five of the most intriguing positions you can get within the industry:

  1. 3D Printing Engineer – Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has several uses in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. In order to land a job as a 3D printing engineer, you should be adept at understanding how the printer interfaces with the software, using various combinations of plastics and other materials in the printer and handling integrated electronic circuitry when needed.
  2. Grid Modernisation Engineer – Most countries now have grids that are becoming obsolete and are ageing rapidly. They are expensive and inefficient to operate. As companies replace them with smarter, IoT-based networks, they need engineers to install new grids and make them work to optimum efficiency. To earn this role, you must know how to design power grids and navigate the challenges of working with solar and wind energy, sources that can cause instability in the grid performance.
  3. Wearable Tech Designer – Wearable technology has moved from fitness-only tech to full-fledged tech that businesses now want to use. For example, the popularity of smart shirts, trousers and dresses is on the rise. Position yourself as an ideal candidate by proving you can integrate the Internet of Things into devices and make them fashionably appealing. Wearable tech designers also need to stay updated on devices with the potential for mobile computing.
  4. Medical Robot Designer – For years, doctors have used robotic arms for surgery assistance. Now, the role of medical robots is expanding, as is the need for Internet of Things engineers. Robot designers will need an in-depth understanding of electrical systems, IoT, AI, mechanical engineering and computer software to create functional robots that can be trusted with peoples’ lives.
  5. IoT Data Security Expert – Data security experts are in demand now more than ever. The idea of connecting all people and things to the internet is fascinating but, when sensitive data and information are involved, there has to be protection. Accidental as well as intentional data breaches pose a great risk to IoT and its applications. This is why businesses need IoT data security experts to analyse data trends, develop security action plans and secure all digitised assets.

Skills That Will Help You Land an IoT Job

Every Internet of Things project will rely on three core skills to come to fruition.

  1. Engineering skills to build the product – For any professional venture into IoT, product and network development are two core skills. Moreover, having an understanding of both hardware and software can help you stand out from the crowd. An in-depth understanding of APIs can further help your ability to make two devices communicate with each other.
  2. Security skills to protect the product – Everything connected to the internet poses a risk to the underlying system and data. For the success of an IoT product, it is critical to secure the data and limit its access. An intricate knowledge about cybersecurity can give you an edge over other candidates trying to secure an IoT-based job.
  3. Data skills to leverage information – The purpose of IoT is to gather data and leverage it for various uses. As the real value of IoT emerges, companies will need candidates with an impeccable knowledge about data and how it can be used to drive and expand customer value, growth and revenue.

Arm yourself with these skills and explore the plethora of opportunities the Internet of Things has recently created – your next professional step is well within reach.

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