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7 Jobs That Will Survive AI Takeover



Advancements in AI are setting the stage for a major shift in workplaces and how we delegate tasks to humans and machines. Robots are getting increasingly sophisticated, allowing companies to leverage them for monotonous, repetitive jobs. While this trend might lead to improvements in the quality of jobs handled by humans, it also raises concerns for the livelihood of many.


Wondering if your job would get replaced?


According to a report by The Guardian, Artificial Intelligence will be a net creator of jobs in the UK. AI and Robotics together would allegedly generate 7.2 million jobs by 2037, way more than what we will lose as a result of automation.


However, the question persists. What skills and talent would suffice for us to sustain the AI wave?


Jobs That Will Outlast Robots


A report by the World Economic Forum stated that five million jobs in 15 developed countries would be lost by 2020. But some professions are less or not at all susceptible to being automated by robot jobs.


  • Therapists – Robots cannot replace the empathy, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence required to become a successful therapist. Therapists can be easily considered secure from any risks of robots replacing jobs. Unless robots gain the understanding of emotions, therapists can rejoice!


  • Physicians – Physicians do more than just prescribing medication. They need high levels of cognitive skills and emotional intelligence to handle patients in severe pain and discomfort. Can a robot do that anytime soon? We doubt. Though healthcare institutions have started using robots to help doctors perform complicated surgeries, it is unlikely that robots will completely take over a physician’s job any time soon.


  • Psychiatrists – High emotional intelligence and fine communication skills are a psychiatrist’s key abilities. If you are looking for a high-paying job that will most likely survive an AI takeover, here’s your answer.


  • Dentists – Though robots are performing surgeries all over the world, dentistry is still a stranger to their presence. Dentists need to have sharp cognitive skills and keen decision-making capabilities. Often in this space, doctors need to make decisions that don’t follow a norm and might change their take in a similar case given different factors. Therefore, dentists have a safe spot when it comes to artificial intelligence ‘job robbery’.


  • Professors – An in-depth understanding of subjects and a knack to convey information in various forms- these skills differentiate the profession of teaching from other jobs. Professors are nowhere near getting replaced by robots, thanks to the human interaction we crave and yearn for with our teachers.


  • Artists – Creative fields such as writing, art, music, and design might win in the AI era, thanks to the lack of creativity in automated systems. As long as robots find it difficult to express creativity, artists can breathe in a sigh of relief.


  • CEOs and other top execs – Since AI-enabled machines still need humans to direct and steer them, top positions in enterprises are safe from their impact. Top executives in organisations need to practice fine decision making, analysis, communication, leadership, and so on- skills that are not easy to develop in robots.


Far and wide, jobs that demand high emotional intelligence, relationship building, STEM jobs, and creative professions are off the hook for artificial intelligence.


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