Why LynxPro?

We help enterprise businesses find the best specialist contractor talent needed to fulfil challenging technology projects.


To stay ahead of the competition, enterprise businesses are using more innovative technology, increasing the demand for specialist ICT skills.

While most companies have staff with specific IT skills, they often lack the human resources to solve difficult problems spanning multiple technology domains.

The Problem
Finding top contractors is extremely challenging:
In an increasingly fragmented landscape, there’s more demand for specialist talent. These specialists are naturally attracted to quality projects, but the innovative enterprises that offer them struggle to be seen and heard.
What’s more, the self-employed workforce is growing fast, meaning specialist talent is even harder to find in a growing pool of average talent.
And finding the best contractors requires the most relevant channels, which aren’t necessarily the traditional ones.
Our solution
LynxPro connects highly skilled experts with the businesses that need them.
Our service aims to provide:
A fully managed search centre to complement established methods that enterprise customers already use.
Industry aligned tools to help enterprises communicate, engage and hire the best talents they can find.
Customer Service Agents providing constant support for clients and talent, making the hiring process smooth and seamless.
Access to the specialised
skills you need.
Join the ultimate network
of rare tech talent.